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Post by Perocore on Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:15 pm

We have some rules, here on LR, I suggest you read them, as you could other wise be banned.

  • Do NOT swear, hell is allowed, anything more severe is not. No exceptions.
  • No violence, gore, or sexual content/themes anywhere in the forums
  • This is a kid-friendly site, being so, I expect everyone to behave accordingly
  • No bashing of other people or their opinions. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  • Art Theft is illegal, taking anyone's art without permission will result in a permenant ban.
  • No supporting drugs, pornography, or anything of the like
  • Do not type in ALL CAPS, this is considered shouting, and can be very rude
  • Please, try to use proper grammerand english, so we may all understand each other
  • No bullying, if you have a problem with someone, please keep it off-site, if they did something offensive on site, then you can PM Perocore or a mod
  • No Spam, do not post random words or letters/numbers, it's very annoying
  • No Necro-posting, this means don't reply to or bump a thread that hasn't been replied to in over a month
  • No double posting within 24 hours
  • No multiple accounts
  • Don't evade/dodge bans or allow a banned member to use your own account
  • No mini-modding, this is when a user starts yakking at people about breaking rules

***Rules are subject to change***

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