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Animal Shadows

Post by alyssa1382 on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:44 am

My adoptables site is a site where you adopt pets that start as eggs first but can turn into any real life pets, made-up pets, or mythical creatures. You can enter contests, adopt from the pound too, chat about everything from your own pets in real life to fun games. Basically anything appropriate, just look in the forums for all topics, and pm me if you want a topic added, i will add it with my permission. You can also trade and shop for items, toys, food, water, clothing, accessories, etc. I will add breeding once I can figure out how to, and yes, I checked the tutorials and help section but it is complicated so I will learn more coding and all that, study it, and in the near future I will add breeding. I will soon have quests, missions, special events, auctions for the rarest of pets and many more things to come. I hope my website will be as successful as chickensmoothie and have a high demand for more and a big reputation with a big population, so I hope you join soon! Even if I am not finished everything yet. i am just adding a breeding center, shop things, and a few more things.

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*you have to make a account on both addresses else wise you won't be able to access the whole site itself or the forum.*

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